This book exposes the secret world of brass stampings.  Find out exactly where those unique brass stampings are coming from and who is plating the stunning finishes on them.

Stop spending hours searching for the information.  This book tells it all! You will be ready to start ordering brass stampings within days of reading this book.

Exposed in this book….

• The secret list of brass stamping manufacturers…

• List of brass finding & chain suppliers…

• Information on ordering and how to avoid errors…

• List of the top brass stamping platers…

• Information on how the plating process works…

• BONUS: List of wholesale bead & stone suppliers

This information is kept a secret by those who have it and no one is sharing it.

Until Now!

If you are frustrated because you can’t find those cool brass stampings that other stores are selling, if you are struggling to find new jewelry supplies for your current store, if you want to start a new jewelry supply business; then you are about to read the book to help you with those problems.


The Secret World of Brass Stampings Exposed

How this book will help you!

Instantly gain the knowledge needed to begin working with the manufacturers and platers immediately. The book is focused without unnecessary fillers.  Information is on point and educational.
Finally have valuable information that will allow you to add brass stamping products to your existing business or starting a brass jewelry supply business.
As an added bonus you will receive a list of wholesale bead and stone suppliers.
“Thank you so much Lisa for putting together this book. The information here is so very helpful to those of us just starting out. I look forward to all your books and the coaching you offer with them.”   Tracy Castro

About the Author

Hi, I’m Lisa and I have been dealing with wholesale jewelry suppliers, brass stamping manufacturers and platers for over 23 years.  During this time, I have gathered extensive knowledge on ordering brass stampings and dealing with the platers to have the brass finished. This information helped me grow my jewelry making business and cut my supply costs. The companies listed in this book are the ones I used in my company, which sold brass components to resellers and professional jewelry designers. I don’t hold back in this book, I let the secret out!

 “The Secret World of Brass Stampings – Exposed, is a great resource for new and established designers and supply resellers alike the author, Lisa Marie Cavanas, generously shares her years of knowledge and experience with the reader. Whether you are just starting out or have years of design experience, this book is a valuable resource to have. It answers many of the questions that the reader may have regarding the processes of creating stampings and filigrees. This book also takes you through the steps of ordering, essential manufacturing and plating information, as well as tips on sorting and the storage of your new purchases.                                                                                                                 Clara C.

Don’t let your customers buy from your competitors because you don’t sell brass stampings.
Stop wasting your time searching for the manufacturers and platers.  You can start ordering brass stampings within days of reading the book.
Stop waiting to start your new brass jewelry supply business until you find out the information about the brass manufacturers.

I want to know about the secret world of brass stampings.

Give me the book!!